Vision: Chronic Exclusion to Integrated Inclusion


Give someone a fish and they eat for a day. Teach someone to fish and they can eat for life.’

We create opportunities that develop esteem, skills and increase inclusion to wider society.

We create opportunities to break the cycle of homelessness and addiction. We journey with people to develop interdependent relationships and pathways of inclusion in wider society. We believe contribution and work, at whatever level or capacity, dignify’s us as individuals.

We believe that people who are or have been caught up in homelessness need realistic and pragmatic opportunities to get involved in wider society, especially if addiction and mental health has been intensified through homelessness.

Through our work programme we aim to:

1. Build hope, esteem & dignity,
2. Develop practical, interpersonal and work skills,
3. Increase opportunities for inclusion,  inter- dependency and integration.

We are developing opportunities through:

  • Our second hand community shop
  • Developing a range of Puzzle Books and Colouring Books
  • Boot Sales and Jumble Sales
  • Our new Online second hand shop
  • Educational Magazine

We are committed to a Seachange from chronic exclusion to integrated inclusion through:

  • seeing potential- that is conveyed through realistic steps of opportunities for change
  • giving roles- that build positive identity and achievable steps of responsibility
  • education-increasing awareness and understanding of homelessness and related issues often intensified by homelessness
  • breaking down barriers caused by myths, judgements and lack of understanding
  • understanding and responding to route causes