We are looking for companies who are considering developing their Corporate Social Responsibility to partner with us to:

  1. Help us to develop further the infrastructure of our Social Enterprise
  2. Work directly alongside people who are on our work and social inclusion programme and mentor to develop skills

As part of your company Social Corporate Responsibility, can you offer any of the following?:

Skills Need: Website

Different people have helped pull together our website with a bit of advice from a couple of experts and Google! We need help to take it to a professional level and are looking for some one-off support from a company that will be able to work on it alongside people on our work programme as part of their development.

Skills Need:Digital Inclusion

1-3 hours a fortnight for Social Media Development/ assisting people on our work programme to develop and implement a social media plan.

1-3 hours a fortnight to advertise and market our online shop through giving and guiding tasks for people on our work programme to follow up.

Skills Need: Administration support

  1. We are looking for someone to coordinate jumble sales that will allow people on our work programme to assist with the planning and oversight of the stalls at the jumble sales
  2. We are also looking for administration support for our involve 500 challenge

Skills Need: Car Boot Sale Driver/ Coordinator

Volunteer Boot-Sale Coordinators – we are looking for someone who can drive and/or coordinate our boot-sale programme so that people on our work programme can be involved on the day. We will provide the items to sell!

Skills Need: Decorating and DIY

We are looking for a company to do a 10-hour team challenge and decorate our shop (alongside people on our work programme).

Graphic Design Mentor:

1-3 hours a fortnight to work on our puzzle book range.

Skills Need: Illustrators

We are looking for some one-off illustration support for some of the final pages of our magazine, including the front cover.

Advertising space?

We are printing our magazine in September and are looking for people to buy advertising space to help with our initial printing costs. This can be done through a donation and we advertise you as one of our sponsors, or, an agreed payment for advertising space per 1,000 copies.

If you are interested in developing a corporate social responsibility partnership with us, please email dignify at dignifycic@gmail.com