Duke of Edinburgh Volunteers

“Hi my name is Philip and I partook in volunteering in Dignify for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. So far, I’ve had a great experience while completing this challenge. I was able to work in a friendly environment. From working, I’ve learnt how to help my community and develop my communication skills when working with others and how its giving me an understanding of charity in the community. DofE has allowed me to do tasks that I would not have done if not and working in Dignify is one of them. If given the chance to this again, I would.”   – Phillip

“Throughout my time volunteering at dignify, I have learnt the importance of working hard and helping others. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award has enabled me to become more focused and competent in completing everyday tasks effectively and with enthusiasm.  Volunteering at the shop has helped me to become more organised; it has also helped me to adjust to any new situations I have to face. Overall, my experience has been great and I have fervently enjoyed being able to help out at the shop and improve my skills in organisation and adaptability”.   – Cliffin

“My name is Pawel and I am currently 15 years old. Last year on the 30th of September I decided to volunteer for the Dignify Charity shop, for my Duke of Edinburgh Award. It was a great decision. I have learnt a lot during my time here, such as how to sort out goods and products and how to take care of the shop. Helping out at Dignify has given me more confidence and knowledge. One thing about my experience is that it is the best feeling to know that you are helping out and are contributing to the community. I am proud and happy to have volunteered at Dignify”  – Pawel

“I went to work as a part of D of E for 3 months but ended up doing 6 months because of the calm supporting environment ” – Jamie

Erasmus Programme


“My name is Francisco, I am 23 years old and I am studying Marketing at El Lago college in Madrid. I am developing as an intern at Dignify social enterprise. It is very rewarding to see my work and knowing that it is for an important cause like helping people. I am very honoured that my knowledge could serve in this way. In the future I hope that I can work in Marketing and I know that this experience is helping me to work as a professional.” – Fran



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