Some questions we often get asked with some advice on how to respond…

What should I do when I see someone begging?

What should I do if I see someone sleeping out?

If you are looking to respond to homelessness and wondering how, we have options for you to consider. We appreciate many people, who are concerned about homelessness, are already involved in responding to social injustice or other needs in society and we realise people often have other priorities and responsibilities. We have therefore tried to coordinate a wide range of small ways for people to make a difference so that together we can have a greater impact on social exclusion.

Our suggestions include how to respond when you see someone homeless or begging- here is the link  as well as ways you can use your skills, as part of a team Corporate Social Responsibility, to match a need in one of our enterprises or get involved in sharing your skills through mentoring/ teaching people on our internship programmes.  Even buying from our online shop has a chain reaction of helping and what seems like a small act together creates a huge impact. Look at our other tabs to see more. LINK HERE TO INVOLVE 500 AND DONATE \\(LIKE THE LINK ABOVE)


We try to give an element of education, based on questions we often get asked and what we have learned as we journey with people and services. Homelessness is a colossal issue of effecting today’s society and something that almost all of us are visibly aware of. Below is Dignify’s response to questions we often get asked:

  1. What should I do if I see someone begging? To acknowledge someone exists is something that takes moments to do as we are walking past. A simple hello or good morning acknowledges that there is a person behind the activity of begging. If more time or resources allow our approach is to stop and say hello or offer something to eat or drink. You can find out more information on begging from the Killing with Kindness campaign.
  2. What should I do if I see someone sleeping rough? There are numerous responses and resources to rough sleeping depending on the area. If you are concerned on a consistent basis it maybe worth knowing what is available in that area. You can refer to street link, by phone or online and they can link people into the outreach teams for that area.
  3. What is the biggest reason for homelessness and what is the solution? Relationship breakdown is the largest reason for homelessness. We experience addiction, mental health and trauma as both the cause and the symptom as needs are intensified whilst on the streets.                   ADD LINKS TO REPORTS


London: Each borough in London where, there are numerous people sleeping out, has a dedicated outreach team. The outer boroughs that have people sleeping out (but not so many) have a team that cover all of them. If you are concerned about people where you live or work on a regular basis it maybe worth knowing if there is a local team in your area and finding out how best to forward your concerns.





You can make a referral to street link (link below). They will forward your email to the correct team.